How to Keep From Drowning in These Current Events

You feel as though you don’t have any time to relax. You feel alone. Like there is always something to figure out or fix. When one unfortunate thing arises, another isn’t far behind.

There is so much going on in the world recently.

Covid-19 has been hard for all of us, especially those with mental illnesses. Even though things are harder, it is still important for you to take the time out of your busy day to make sure that YOU are okay.

I know that you are limited on the amount of places you can go and things you can do which makes for more stress, but I have thought of a few things that might spark in your interest whether it be one of my examples or something else.

I have put together a list of 4 things to help ease some of that stress. We are in this together!

1.) Try something new

Experimenting with new hobbies can lead to new views or changes of perspective.

While being stuck in the house, you have probably exhausted all of your options of fun. If you try your hand at something different, something you have been curious about, you spend your time practicing and getting better and better.

Some examples of things to try could be: crocheting, crafting, painting, cross stitching, writing, making something such as a bath bomb or bath salts. The options are endless. And luckily you don’t even need to leave your house to buy anything. Amazon can ship it all to you!

Who doesn’t like a little adventure right?

2.) Focus on the positives

There are A LOT of negatives right now and that just brings you down.

It’s hard to look at the positive side of things when life has been far from positive; But, it is important to keep good thoughts in your head so that you don’t crash completely.

People are getting better every day. Our scientists and doctors are working so hard to get everyone what they need. The statistics show that we have actually been declining in our numbers since the end of July! The last time we had this kind of decline was in April! This won’t last forever. And actually, people staying home has brightened our earth up a little more! Walk outside and take a deep breath! And honestly, some masks are sooooo cute.

3.) Focus on healthy forms of escapism

Different world with different stories? Yes please!

Unfortunately there aren’t many places you can go currently. But that is in THIS world. You have SO many other words you can dive into and check out. Watch a movie, play a game, read a book, WRITE your OWN story! Have you ever had that moment when you are reading or watching something and your brain has to pull you out of it, like you were jumping out like a cartoon?

Losing yourself in different worlds is the best part. You forget where you are, what day it is, especially your worries.

4.) Self care

Your life has slowed down to a speed that it possible for you to take care of yourself (it’s always been possible, but I totally understand busy). Always making the excuse of being to busy and having to care for others.

Now is the time to do something for yourself. You have more than enough at home time now. Treat yourself. Pamper yourself. Use the bath bomb that you’ve had in the cabinet since Christmas time. You bought that pretty color of nail polish awhile back, paint your nails. Guys, take a bath too! Take time to wind down and care for yourself. Think of the one thing you have been meaning to do, and do it. Spend some more time outside, vitamin D is free!

You are more than your job. Treat yourself like it!

I hope this list helps someone find a hobby they can get excited about. Or shows someone they really like bubble baths. All of things you are able to do while at home. Taking care of your mind as well as your body is important, especially during a time like this.

Bipolar Weirdo ❤

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional. If you have mental health related questions, I highly recommend you seek a healthcare professional.

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