Activity Therapy!

I think we needed a little breather after the last post so I cooked up a few different things to try today so I’d like to see how it goes.

For the weeks when we do activity therapy, I will post a few different things to do for fun. Such as; something to color or paint, something to make, or just a fun little game.

Activities, whether it’s physical or hands-on, are an excellent way to cope and deal with mental illness. When I was inpatient, one of my favorite therapy “classes” was activity therapy. It also helped that I had a wonderful therapist! For the first time meeting, we made our own worry stones with crafting clay and markers. It’s a smidge messy, but it’s so worth it. We pained in another class and colored in some. We also did some research for fun things to do and exciting places to go in Oklahoma. We also tried to have a dance party with So You Think You Can Dance, but Cha Cha Slide turned on and we all got up and forgot about the game haha!

I know a few people who use physical activity, such as body building and running, as a way to cope after a stressful day, or even just to start their day off right. I love painting, coloring, and making things to make help myself chill out. Art and physical activity are great for clearing your mind.

I’m going to leave a few ideas here for you to look through and a link with 100 different types of activities you might enjoy doing. If you would like to, e-mail me with pictures of crafts you did or anything you painted or colored and I will use it as my featuring photo on my next post! I’m love to see what all you guys came up with and did!

Here are some videos to try. One is a guided meditation and one is meditation music for anxiety & panic attacks.

If you aren’t able to save these color pages from here, e-mail me and I will send it to you! I’m not sure how these pages will go on here.


I hope you guys find some joy in these!

Bipolar Weirdo ❤

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